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What do we mean by “chanting the Agpeya”?.  Well, it’s simple.  Not only are many prayers read in a normal fashion, but many are chanted, or sung, in a specific tune.  Chanting is a very important aspect of Orthodox prayer and worship.  In the Coptic Orthodox liturgical service, almost the entire liturgy is chanted and/or sung.

Throughout the website, if you see the following icon  click on it to hear the appropriate prayer being chanted.

An example of a chant used in the Agpeya would be in the following line which is chanted after the gospel reading of each hour:

We worship You, O Christ, with Your good Father and the Holy Spirit, for You have come and saved us.

In Coptic, it would be the following:

It is pronounced like the following in the English transliteration:

Tenoo oasht emmok o piekhristos nem pekyot en aghathos nem pi epnevma ethowab je akee ak soati emmon nai nan

Yet, although it may just be read, it should be chanted with a very specific tune.  Click here to listen to how it should sound.

Here is a list of all the prayers that are chanted on this site.  Unfortunately, they are not professionally done, so the quality is at best, “ok”.  However, they do serve their purpose in that they are a tutorial on how the chanting should sound.  They do not   serve the purpose of praying along side them every day.  Ideally, one should learn how to pray the following and chant beautiful prayers of their own:

 Thanksgiving Prayer (every hour)

 Holy Gospel (Prime)

 Psalm 50 (every hour)

 Holy Gospel (Terce)

 Psalm 1 (Prime)

 Holy Gospel (Sext)

 Psalm 3 (Prime)

 Holy Gospel (None)

 Psalm 8 (Prime)

 Holy Gospel (Vespers)

 Psalm 12 (Prime)

 Holy Gospel (Compline)

 Psalm 14 (Prime)

 Holy Gospel 1st watch (Midnight)

 Psalm 112 (Prime and None)

 Holy Gospel 2nd watch (Midnight)

 Psalm 22 (Terce)

 Holy Gospel 3rd watch #1 (Midnight)

 Psalm 29 (Terce)

 Holy Gospel 3rd watch #2 (Midnight)

 Psalm 46 (Terce)

 Ten oasht (every hour)

 Psalm 83 (Sext)

 Litanies (Prime)

 Psalm 86 (Sext)

 Litanies (Terce)

 Psalm 92 (Sext)

 Litanies (Sext)

 Psalm 95 (None)

 Litanies (None)

 Psalm 99 (None)

 Litanies (Vespers)

 Psalm 109 (None)

 Litanies (Compline)

 Psalm 116 (Vespers)

 Litanies 1st watch (Midnight)

 Psalm 121 (Vespers)

 Litanies 2nd watch (Midnight)

 Psalm 125 (Vespers)

 Litanies 3rd watch (Midnight)

 Psalm 126 (Vespers)

 Doxa Patri (every hour)

 Psalm 129 (Compline)

 Kenin-low (every hour)

 Psalm 131 (Compline)

 Kenin-high (every hour)

 Psalm 133 (Compline)

 End of Creed (some hours)

 Psalm 147 (Compline)

 41 Kirie Eleyson’s (every hour)


 Holy Holy Holy (every hour)


 Hail to You (Prime)


 Holy God (Prime)